The Meeting Tuesday 25-10-2016

xt meeting:
Meeting Number: 797
Tuesday 25-10-2016 from 19:30
At Bankers Club Floor 21

TME: Victor Ong, DTM
TTM: Cyril Jonas, DTM
Timer: Atikah
AH Counter
Language Evaluator:
GE: Liyana A Shukri, ACB, ALB



Pic above: The new CC presenter Nik Ayman (L) receiving the Best Project Speech certificate from Wesley Ng President of Uni Razak TMC, TMIKL President Ismail acting as the announcer.

1st Speaker
Noorashikin Ibrahim
Speech Title: Branding yourself
Competent Communication Manual #1 – Icebreaker
(4:00-6:00 min)

2nd Speaker
Nik Ayman
Speech Title: Be Like Me!
Competent Communication Manual #10 – Inspire Your Audience
(8:00-10:00 min)

3rd Speaker
Ismail Omar, DTM
The Little Prince
Advanced Communication Manual #1 – Storytelling
(5:00-7:00 min)


Jeremy Teo
Mark McKenzie
Anthony de Souza

Reserve Speakers:

Atikah CC#1
Shaheen #2
Jesse Tan #4
Kimberly #5
Cyril #2 Special Occasion
Wong Kaixuan #3
Razwan #7
Richard Toh, CL #9
Jeremy #1 Storytelling


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